Water Heater Replacement Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Water heaters allow us to enjoy a hot shower, get your clothes cleaner and wash dishes in steamy comfort. But, when they fail, they can cause flooding and extensive damage to your home or business.

Realize Plumbing provides comprehensive water heater installation, repair and replacement for our commercial and residential customers in West Valley City, Utah, and throughout the Salt Lake City area.

We also provide proactive maintenance services, including flushing and element replacement, to extend the life of the unit and help avoid unexpected problems.

Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation

The Realize Plumbing team installs water heaters in new construction projects as well as additions, renovations and remodels.

We represent the best manufacturers available today, with both electric and gas models as well as tankless water heaters. Our professional installation services ensure that your tank meets or exceeds all building codes and safety standards, to give you peace of mind.

An important aspect of today’s advanced technology means that you can enjoy a constant flow of hot water while using less energy, saving you money on your power bill without sacrificing comfort.

Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

If you have an older water heater, call on the Realize Plumbing team for all your repair and maintenance needs.

We can help you with a leaking water heater, pilot light problems, heating element replacement and more. If your unit is making unusual noises or you notice an odd smell, don’t delay before calling us. Likewise, if you notice you’re running out of hot water sooner, it could indicate an impending problem.

Periodic maintenance service is a great way to avoid emergency repairs. Our experienced repair technicians can flush the tank and inspect all components to identify any potential problems.

Replacing Your West Valley City, Utah Water Heaters

Replacing an old heater can provide several significant benefits.

Today’s technology means that it takes less time, energy and money to heat your water. Your hot water will last longer so that, ideally, you’ll never have to run out. New models have a longer life span than the old designs, so you may not have to replace it for many years or even decades.

Realize Plumbing provides commercial and residential plumbing services throughout northern Utah, including new construction and remodel projects, water softeners and water heater installation, replacement and service. Our exceptional customer service and unconditional satisfaction guarantee has earned us an outstanding reputation and many loyal customers.

We look forward to showing you how you can save money and gain peace of mind with a new or replacement water heater installation.